Battle scars reading review

A few weeks ago I wrote about how I had found a new passion for reading, I talked about the new book I had started called battle scars.

Since writing the article my reading slowed down due to a number of factors but one in particular which I will share below.

My thoughts on the book

The book as a whole was good but talks a lot about the struggles with mental health due to PTSD from Warfare. This made a mix of good reading but also meant I had to take mental breaks from it otherwise I would find it hard to continue. Reading about the mental effect on someone really makes you think about what soldiers go through so we can have freedom.

If you have read any book on war you will hear about the glory side and the tough side but you rarely hear about the mental health effects and so I would recommend reading this book. The writer is very good at communicating his struggles and how he found the lowest parts of his life including attempting suicide, he also talks about how he managed to move on with his life and start to rebuild from scratch.

I finished the book today and I am now ready to start a new book with a different tone.

Which book next?

I have a few books lined up and I know that I also have a few things planned in other areas of life so I’m picking a book that should be easier to pick up and put down. I have chosen Creative Selection as my next book and will let you know how it goes.