Giving up Sugar for 14 Days (Day 2)

Yesterday I wrote on how I was giving up sugar for 14 days and how the first day was fairly easy, today is Day 2 and I want to note the feelings and changes I have seen.

Day 2

Today the only real struggle was breaking habits, I haven’t had any sugar cravings but rather I just realised how I became use to grabbing a snack between meals if I was feeling hungry. I also noticed how I missed biscuits with my evening cup of tea.
Looking back I probably should have weighed on day 1 but I didn’t instead I weighted on Friday then ate lots of rubbish over the weekend knowing I had 14 days to contend with. I will say tomorrow for day 3 and go from there.

What do I expect

I am actually expecting to hit a sugar slump in a few days as I’m still consuming sugar in fruit etc. But going from mass sugar hits from chocolate I’m sure it will hit me soon. I’ll check back in on Day 5 to see how it’s going