The Journey Begins with the Comeback run

This is my first article on my new blog and it’s aimed at giving you a little insight into me but mostly just a little about my day, you can learn a bit about me here.

I am a self-confessed geek and I love all things tech related but I love most Apple products the most. I was interested in the Apple Watch when it was first announced but held off buying until they released the series 2 so they could iron out the bugs that inevitably comes with a brand new product. I lost some weight with it but my weight has always varied depending on my mood.

Roughly five months after I bought the series 4 I started running on a treadmill using the audio coaching from the Nike Run Club (NRC) app. I’ve never run before and I was quickly addicted. My running varies from week to week and sometimes I’ve missed a few weeks and today was one of my “Come Back Runs”.

Today’s run was fifteen-minutes of audio guided running with Coach Bennett and man was it good to run again, it wasn’t an overly tough run but it was a run that I had not done for over a week and so left me wanting to run again. This is exactly what the come back run should be, a run that I want to do again.